May 4, 2007
osgCal2 0.3.0 preliminary version availble!


svn co https://osgcal.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/osgcal/trunk/osgCal osgCal
to get the sources. And:
svn co https://osgcal.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/osgcal/trunk/models models
to get the test models.


make install

You'll get the library + osgCalViewer, which can be used to view models, meshes and animations.

I hope it will work :)

Some preliminary version features:

June 1, 2005
osgCal2 0.2.1 released! The previous file was wrong, use this new version. I forgot also to mention that it has Jan Ciger's changes, to improve rendering code and state management.

June 1, 2005
osgCal2 0.2.0 released! Download it here. It's ported to OSG 0.9.9 and Cal3D 0.10.0. Other changes include:

Thanks to Jose A. Iglesias for most of these enhancements.

March 30, 2005: New status
There are currently two active branches of this project. One of them is the one that was always at this page, it's LGPL as always, and it will remain the same. There is another branch, maintained by Loic Dachary, licensed under GPL, with changes that his group have made. Their policy is to release their changes under GPL and I respect this, but as this conflicts with my own policy for the project, both branches will be developed independently.
A new version of the (LGPL) sources will be uploaded to the SourceForge CVS as soon as possible with many improvements and synced with OSG 0.9.8.
You can access the GPL version at 'Gna!', and their stable versions are published at the download area of Gna!
To minimize confussions, we will refer to the GPL version as osgCal, and to the LGPL version as osgCal2, as the GPL one is already in Debian with this name.
The SF.net CVS repository is reactivated and has the latest patches from Jose A. Iglesias.

April 27, 2003
CVS moved to sourceforge

April 20, 2003
Version 0.1.2 & 0.1.3: Alberto Farre ported it to Windows, and added some VisualStudio project files. He also enhaced the sample to cicle between animations with the 'm' key. Keep present that not all the animations are thinked for looping although they are all played as loops, so some of them can do extrange things...

April 19, 2003
Version 0.1.1: Ported to osgProducer and cleaned up the example.

April 19, 2003
Version 0.1: I've fixed some bugs found by Robert both in the library and in the data. Download the new files, please.

What is it?
osgCal is an adapter for using cal3d inside OpenSceneGraph.

Cal3D is a character animation library based on skeletons and bones.

Where to download?
If you are a Debian user, you can use APT to download the GPL version from Debian, but take into account that this is the GPL version, and you must ask questions on this branch to their authors.

Some screenshots?
Yes, here you can see the cal3d paladin walking on top of a smoking cessnafire:

And here are some screenshots from version 0.3.0 currently under development: